“There's Something Fitchy Going On”
Season 2, Episode 2
Air Date

June 5, 2013


Heidi Clements


Robbie Countryman

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I'm Not That Guy


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"There's Something Fitchy Going On" is the second episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben's feelings for Riley are increasing but he is stopped by Fitch, Riley's new boyfriend. Ben is sure that he is hiding something and sees Fitch putting on a wedding ring. When his plan of telling Riley so she can break-up with Fitch backfires because his wife died tragically, they both have a little talk about Riley. When Fitch asks Ben if he loves Riley or not, he tells him that "he loves her enough as a friend to know that he can't stand in her way", meaning that he accepts that Fitch is dating Riley. Tucker tries to impress his boss Chase Baxter to get a promotion, problem is he is a self-centered television personality who has a knack for womanizing. In the end, Tucker asks Fitch to work with Chase which ended badly.


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  • Riley knows that Danny has feelings for her but did not tell him because he is still dating Milena.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: Am I really the only one who sees through this guy's act? Runs an orphanage in Zimbabwe? Worked for the Peace Corps? Who hasn't used that line?
Tucker: What line?
Ben: (To a waitress) Hey, CeeCee, have you met Tucker? He just got back from the Peace Corps.
CeeCee: Hmmm. Maybe we can have a drink sometime.
Tucker: (Once she leaves) Am I the only one who didn't know about this?
Ben: I know him because I am him. And here I come.

Bonnie: It's gonna be fine.
Danny: How am I ever going to figure out her password?
Bonnie: Try cake2254.
Danny: ...It worked. How did you know that?
Bonnie: Yours is puck25. Ben's is emmatopia and Tucker's is tvdude23. What? Sometimes I get bored when I'm babysitting.

Fitch: It's your call. What do you say, Ben?
Ben: I don't know what to say. I mean yes, I have feelings for her, but I'm still sorting them out.
Fitch: If you know, you know. Do you love her?
Ben: I love her enough as a friend to know that I can't stand in her way. So if you and Riley are really meant to be then I will try and be happy for you guys.
Fitch: You're a good guy, Ben. (Leaves)
Ben: Not that good. I also paid the waiter to dump iced tea on you later.