“The Wheeler and Dealer”
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date

June 12, 2013


Kirill Baru & Eric Zimmerman


Michael Lembeck

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New Bonnie vs. Old Ben


"The Wheeler and Dealer" is the fourth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben hears about an energy drink endorsement opportunity for Danny.


Ben gets an agreement for Danny endorsing a Japanese energy drink called Okiru. Ben and Danny liked the idea but Bonnie disagrees with Danny endorsing something this small. Riley and Tucker volunteer at a local hospital but Riley seems to get things wrong while she's there and Tucker's getting all the attention by posing as a doctor. Meanwhile, thinking he would achieve as much as his mother as Danny's manager. Ben sneaked Danny out to shoot for the endorsment but Danny drank a lot of Okiru in the set, making him woozy and hyperactive. They found out that Okiru is so strong they shouldn't drink more than two in 24 hours, causing Danny to faint after like 40 cans.

They took Danny to the hospital where Riley and Tucker volunteered and the two gets him into the elevator but they got stuck inside. While Riley is trying CPR on Danny, Danny kisses Riley and knocks her out. When the elevator opens Danny carries Riley out. When they talked about it Riley doesn't remember anything that happened saying she "might leave a few parts out."


Main Cast


  • Tucker's cheapness and tendency to steal stuff for himself is shown again. It was first shown in The Nurse and the Curse.
  • This is the first time in season 2, as well as the first time in every episode Tucker's last name is known.
  • This is the second time Danny kisses Riley.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: Everyone stop and remember where you were at this moment - I have amazing news!
Bonnie: Jon Bon Jovi's single and he's asking about me.
Ben: Even better. Where's Danny? Danny! Danny!
Danny: Yo, what's going on, man?
Ben: I, me, Ben, your one and only brother, has just landed you your very first endorsement deal. You are the new spokesman for Okiru, the hottest new soft drink in the country.
Danny: Are you serious? I've wanted to endorse something my entire life.
Riley: It's true. When we were kids, he used to cut out his picture and paste it on cereal boxes.
Tucker: He still does that.

Riley: Hey, Tuck. So I took what you said to heart and I made my own opportunities.
Tucker: Me too. (Holding blown up rubber gloves) I stole a year's supply of these things. I'm going to cut the fingers off and make my own condoms.
Riley: I figure if I could just brighten one person's day, then it would truly be a job well done. So Mr. Watkins in room 423 was so sad. So I brought him some cookies and we just sat and talked and he completely transformed.
Nurse: Oh my God! Mr. Watkins? Did someone give you sugar? Code red, people! This is not a drill!

Riley: (Pressing all the elevator buttons) God, why isn't this thing opening?
Tucker: Quit banging on all the buttons or you're gonna...(Elevator stops) do that.
Riley: Well, I think we're stuck. Oh God, we're not moving. What are we going to do? Okay, you know what? Nothing to panic about. Just stay calm. I'm sure that this kind of thing happens all the time.
Tucker: (Using a fake stethoscope on Danny) Um, I don't mean to alarm you, but uh..I'm not getting a heartbeat.
Riley and Tucker: (Banging the elevator door) Oh my God! Help us! Please! We're stuck in here!

Tucker: What are we going to do?
Riley: I'll tell you what we're going to do. We're going to save his life is what we're going to do. All right, Tucker, I need you to get on the phone and tell them we have a Code Blue in elevator C. We're going to need oxygen the second those doors open, stat. (Tucker freeses) I said "stat!"
Tucker: (Snaps out)Oh right, okay. (Takes phone) Oh my God, okay. Hello? Please, we need help! Code blue! Oh hey, Yvonne! Yeah.
Riley: (Sitting on top of Danny and preparing to perform CPR) Compression - let's do this. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Airway. Breath.
Tucker: It's not working!
Riley: Come on, Danny, please wake up.
Danny: Riley? (The moment lips touched, he kisses)
Tucker: Oh, and I think he's back.
Riley: Danny!
Danny: (Realizes) Riley! Oh snap. (Knocks Riley out) Oh! What's going on?
Tucker: Not much. What's going on with you?