“The Slump”
Season 2, Episode 5
Air Date

June 19, 2013


Frank Pines


Michael Lembeck

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New Bonnie vs. Old Ben


Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure

"The Slump" is the fifth episode of the second season of
Baby Daddy.


Ben is stuck in the middle when his latest fling Jenna (Anna Maria Perez de Taglé), is also a rival of Tucker's for a coveted job promotion. Danny begins seeing psychologist Dr. Amy Shaw (Lacey Chabert), to discuss his underperformance on the ice. Bonnie gets freaked out when she thought Amy is saying that she's the problem but Danny tells her that Riley's the problem. Meanwhile, Ben takes Jenna to watch Danny play and they were sitting beside the big shots to get her a job with the rangers. Danny ended up firing Amy to go out with her.


Main Cast


  • Danny starts seeing a psychologist Amy, but fired her so that he can go out with her.
  • Danny tells Amy about his feelings for Riley.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: There's something wrong when the only person in the room not acting like a baby is the baby. This slump ends tonight. We're gonna get mom to babysit and we're going out.
Danny: Whoo!
Bonnie: (Comes in) What up, party animals?
Ben: Great timing, mom. Can you babysit?
Bonnie: Yeah, sure. Just give me 24 hours' notice. You know what the best part about living across the street from you guys is? I can see that I have a life and you don't. I'm having people over tonight, (Opens fridge to get...) and I just need to borrow some ice, some beer, some cold cuts, and (Takes a manipulator arm) whatever this is.

Ben: Jenna, hi! How's it going? Still gainfully employed?
Jenna: Better. You are looking at the new associate producer of "Chase Live!" I got the job.
Ben: Wait, that job? The job?
Jenna: After your little pep talk yesterday, I pulled out all the stops and I got it. Thank you so much.
Ben: Oh, no, no, no, no.
Jenna: Are you okay?
Ben: Yeah. I'm fine. I just sometimes express great joy by stuttering and sweating profusely. What happened to the other guy who was up for the job?
Jenna: I'll tell you what's going to happen. First thing tomorrow morning, I am firing him.
Ben: My name didn't happen to come up did it?
Jenna: Why would it? Oh, but I wish you could have seen the look on this guy's face when I got the job. It was priceless. (Ben sees Tucker standing outside the bar angry)
Ben: Yeah, I can picture it now. (Tucker gesturing he's going to punch him)

Tucker: Really, Ben? This was your plan? To literally knock out my competition? This is the most disgusting, underhanded thing you've ever done. Though I do appreciate your effort.
Ben: Tucker, come on. I only brought Jenna because Danny sat us with the big shots. I figured with both of us working them, we could get her an amazing job with the rangers, which I think we did. She has an interview tomorrow morning.
Tucker: Oh, okay. Wow! That's that's great. Just one little question. Why the hell wouldn't you try to get me an amazing job with the rangers?
Ben: ...Oh, yeah. That might have worked too.