“The Daddy Whisperer”
Season 1, Episode 8
Air Date

August 15, 2012


Heidi Clements


Michael Lembeck

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May the Best Friend Win


A Wheeler Christmas Outing

"The Daddy Whisperer" is the eighth episode of the first season of Baby Daddy.


Ben has a one-on-one to clean up his act at an elite Mommy and Me class.


Ben signs up for a Mommy and Me class and spends some time with Izzy (Amber Stevens), a mom who is very strict about babyproofing. Tucker and Danny watch a boxing match in an old laundry room in the basement. Bonnie and Riley go shopping and are then arrested, due to Emma accidentally taking a gold watch. Ben, eager to know what happened in the boxing match, rushes to the laundry room but accidentally locked the door.

Bonnie and Riley steal the guard's keys and sneak out of the office, they came home to see Izzy sleeping on their couch, revealing Izzy's difficult life to be a perfect mom and wanted a night out with a cool guy for a change. They all went to the laundry room to open the door, where Izzy and Ben made up and they all watch the match together, leaving Tucker stuck in a vent while trying to call for help.


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  • Riley got a job at "Bender, Bowman, Brockman and some guy whose name I can't pronounce."

Memorable Quotes

Bonnie: Ben, honey, there is such a thing as being too protective. Did I pick you up every time you cried? No. Did I feed you every time you were hungry? No. Did I fix those frayed wires behind the TV? I mean, what am I? An electrician? Come on, Ben, you turned out...Well, you are still here.
Ben: I feel so coddled.
Bonnie: Well, you should, since I'm making dinner for you and Lady Goo-Goo.
Ben: Hey, that's organic chicken, right? She only eats organic.
Bonnie: Yeah, right. Like I'm going to spend of chicken. I don't spend that much per cup on a bra.
Ben: Mom! This is important.
Bonnie: Honey, your brother is 6'5" and he grew up eating dirt.

Ben: Hey, it's for Emma. They'll understand. (Time passes to when Danny and Tucker come home with a keg and chips)
Danny: I don't understand! Do you not see that we've instituted a leave-no-chip-behind policy?
Tucker: Yeah. You cannot pull the plug. I'm making my famous five-layer bean dip.
Danny: I thought we were doing my onion dip.
Tucker: Well, maybe we can try something different...
Ben: Guys! I'm really sorry, but you'll have to find somewhere else to watch the fight. We all have to make some sacrifices.
Tucker: Oh, I know exactly who I'm sacrificing.
Danny: Yeah, we wanna watch the fight in our home with our stuff on our television!
Tucker: Yeah, this is unacceptable behavior. We are so revoking your bro card.
Ben: Well, feel free to put it in this box with the rest of your non-baby-friendly crap and dump it in the storage cage. I've got important Mommy and Me business. (Goes into his room and shuts the door)
Tucker: Does he even hear how weak that sounds?
Ben: (Shouts from inside the room) Yes, he does!

Ben: (Tucker and Danny come back) Where have you guys been? I've been calling you for over an hour.
Tucker: No reception in the man cave.
Ben: The where? It doesn't matter. Thank you for getting on board with this.
Tucker: (To Danny) I say onion and bean.
Danny: I say I love you.
Ben: I'll text you as soon as Izzy's gone and you can bring back the TV and my bro card.
Danny: We're good. Maybe you can catch the fight down at the bar.
Ben: Oh, is that where you're watching it?
Tucker: Nope.
Ben: So you're not gonna tell me where?
Tucker: Don't see why we should.
Danny: Not really something you seem interested in.
Ben: Really? Could you be more childish? (Tucker and Danny smiling) Please.
Danny: Laundry room. It's so cool!
Tucker: What is the point in having a No-Ben club when you invite Ben?

Ben: Help! Anyone What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get out of here?
Tucker: I don't care, but your girly whining is upsetting the level of manhood in here. I could spend the rest of my life in this room.
Danny: Uh-oh, cable's out.
Tucker: Oh my God! We're gonna die in here! Oh no! They will never find us! (Grabs Danny's collar) You cannot eat me first.

Danny: (Pushes Tucker into a vent) Now go! Crawl for help, little buddy.
Ben: I can't believe what an idiot I am.
Danny: I can.
Tucker: (In the vent) Me too.
Ben: I ruined Emma's chances. I just wanted to do something great for her.
Danny: Ben, you do something great for Emma every time you look at her and say, "Hi, baby. It's me, Daddy."
Ben: You really think so?
Danny: I do.
Ben: I'm sorry I called you selfish.
Danny: It's cool. I ignored you.
Ben: What about you, Tuck? Will you forgive me?
Tucker: I'm not budging.
Ben: Why do you have to be so difficult, Tucker? I just apologized.
Tucker: No. I'm not moving. I am stuck. (Danny tries to pull him out) Get me out of here!