“Test Anxiety”
Season 2, Episode 10
Air Date

July 31, 2013


Nancy Cohen


Michael Lembeck

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 "Test Anxiety" is the tenth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Riley questions her future after taking the bar exam


Danny who thinks Amy's father likes him actually doesn't want Danny to date Amy anymore and Riley has a secret but she doesn't want to tell Ben but Danny, causing Ben to think Riley thinks he's not a good friend. A pregnancy test which was positive is found in the apartment bathroom and they Ben thought it's Rileys. She rushes to her apartment and Riley eventually opens up that she failed her Bar exam for the third time, something she never told anyone, not even Danny.

The pregnancy test is actually Amy's and only Bonnie knows, but Ben and Bonnie exchange secrets and everyone, including Tucker and Danny, knows what's going on. Everyone goes to a restaurant to find Riley who works there now - except for Danny who only went there with Amy's dad who still disapproves their relationship, but before Amy can say that she's not pregnant Danny says a a touching line and that he will always be there for her, which touches her dad and start's to like him by saying "It ain't a no". Ben convinces Riley to take another test and she nailed it.


Main Cast


  • Riley says that she failed the Bar exam three times.

Memorable Quotes

Tucker: (Comes home with Ben after basketball) No no. That is not how it went down. I owned you. Admit it. I'm the man.
Ben: There is no way, okay. You are not the man. I am the man.(Riley comes out of the bathroom and a nearby Ben made a High-pitched scream) Don't do that. Okay, so maybe you are the man.

Ben: Hey, mom, what's going on?
Bonnie: Nothing. Not a thing. What's new with you?
Ben: Has anyone ever told you something and you swore not to tell anyone else, but you just so really need to tell somebody else?
Bonnie: Oh, you have no idea! Wait. Wait, Ben, did somebody trust you with something personal and private?
Ben: Maybe.
Bonnie: If you tell me, I'll tell you something of equal or greater value.
Ben: No, I can't. I can't. But maybe if you guess.
Bonnie: How many words? Four.
Ben: Two. Okay, go.
Bonnie: Okay. (They both act their words)
Ben: I don't know what you're doing.
Bonnie: Well, I don't know what you're doing. Pay attention.
Ben: You pay attention!
Tucker: (Sees them) "Riley failed the bar." and "Amy's pregnant"
Ben and Bonnie: Yes!
Danny: (Behind Bonnie) What do you mean "Amy's pregnant"?

Danny: (Breathes through a paper bag) I just don't know why she wouldn't tell me. I mean, I can handle it.
Tucker: You know there was half a sandwich in that bag when you started, right?
Danny: Oh, my God, I'm supposed to meet Amy's dad. What am I supposed to tell him?
Bonnie: Okay, honey, don't worry. I'll handle Amy. I'll let you know the minute I hear anything. Okay, you'll do great. (Danny leaves)
Tucker: I'm just saying, okay. Now I think I've been real cool because I let one baby move in. Right? But if y'all got another one on the way, I am so getting that cat.
Bonnie: Okay, what is with you boys? Two grand-babies out of wedlock?! I mean, people are gonna start calling me old and trashy. And who wants to be old?
Ben: Okay, everyone needs to calm down. Just because Danny and Amy made a mistake doesn't mean their lives are over. I mean, look at Emma. Some people - including at least one mother in this room - thought I shouldn't even keep her, but she's turned out to be the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.
Bonnie: Honey, I don't think an unplanned child is the inspirational story you think it is.
Ben: Maybe not for Danny and Amy, but maybe for Riley.
Bonnie: Wait, Riley's pregnant too?! What, did you all make some sort of pact?!

Ben: (Gets on stage) Uh, excuse me. Can I just have everyone's attention for a second.
Tucker: (Comes in playing an accordion) Haha. It's just like riding a bike, man. I knew those lessons would come in handy.
Ben: I just need to take a quick survey. Who here has failed at something? (No one responds) Well, clearly some of you are failing at being honest. (Still no one) Come on, guys, I'm trying to help out a friend here. (A few raise hands) Thank you. Thank you. Now who here has ever had a dream that they gave up on? (Many raise hands) And who here regrets not pursuing that dream?
Tucker: I'm..I'm sorry, I'm living my dream right now. (Plays accordion again) I am so sorry. (Closes accordion noisily) Shh.
Ben: My point is: Everybody screws up. It's what you do about it that counts. I mean, look at my brother over there. Sure, he might have knocked up his girlfriend, but you don't see him running away.
Danny: Ben!
Amy's Dad: Amy's pregnant?
Ben: Oh, sorry, dude. I thought that's what you guys were talking about. Thank you for your time. Tucker, take it away.
Tucker: Eins, zwei, drei, vier (Band plays and Ben goes to Riley)
Riley: Thank you. (Hugs and kisses)