Season 2, Episode 15
Air Date

September 4, 2013


Dan Berendsen


Michael Lembeck

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The Emma Dilemma


Emma's First Christmas

"Surprise!" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben throws Riley a birthday party. Bonnie and Tucker track down Emma's mom.


The episode starts with Danny trying to think of a way to not let Amy see Riley's name tattooed on his wrist and Ben comes out to find the paperwork Angela signed granting Ben sole custody of Emma which his mother reassures him that it's with her. At the bar, Bonnie asks Tucker for help because she did not send in the paperwork and they have to ask Angela to sign them again.

Later, Ben realizes that Riley does not want to celebrate her birthday but he doesn't know why, so with a video Bonnie took at Riley's sixteenth birthday Danny shows to Ben that it's because Ben made a cake for Riley that explodes in her face. Ben then decides to throw Riley a birthday party to try to make amends and Danny finally reveals to Ben that Riley has been in love with him since they were kids. Upon hearing this, he decides to set up a romantic date before taking her back to his apartment for her surprise party. However, things go awry when he loses her on the subway blindfolded and no wallet, keys and phone. Meanwhile, Tucker, disguised as a movie producer and Bonnie as his assistant, get in contact with Angela and wants her to sign a movie contract which is actually the paperwork, but Angela sees the paperwork and realizes that the producer is Tucker and Bonnie introduces herself. At first Angela refuses to sign the paperowrk again because she doesn't think that Ben is responsible enough to raise Emma, but she came back to the bar and after seeing a picture of a smiling Emma, she signs the papers.

After Danny finds out that Ben lost Riley on the subway, he berates Ben by saying that he knew that he would hurt her feelings if he told him that she's in love with him and says that Ben doesn't deserve her. Amy overhears this and , realizing that Danny still has feelings for Riley, tearfully breaks up with him. Riley comes back and berates Ben for abandoning her but Ben tried to explain that that was not his plan. While Riley was about to leave Ben stops her and kisses her, which Riley mentions to be her best birthday ever. Angela comes to the door and decides that she misses Emma and wants her back.  After Riley's party, Tucker asks Danny if he's okay with Ben dating Riley and he says yes, while also revealing that he got a tattoo of Amy's name on his other wrist and said e hoped that she broke up with him before he got it.


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  • This marks Ben and Riley's first relationship.
  • First Appearance of Angela.
  • Amy breaks up with Danny.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: Hey. Oh! Look at you standing up. Daddy's little girl is becoming daddy's big girl. (Knocks on door) So What do you think we should do today? (Opens door to see a bundle of balloons) I suggest something involving balloons.
Riley: It's me.
Ben: Riley? Oh. Nice look! Did you mug a clown?
Riley: They're a birthday present from my mother because she loves to get me things I hate.
Ben: But, it's not your... Oh, my God! It's your birthday!... And I knew that! Here, I got you, um... Wow, I'm surprisingly attached to everything in this apartment.

Tucker: Mrs. Wheeler, hey. I got your text. Is everything okay?
Bonnie: Sit down. We've got a problem. You know those papers I was keeping for Ben?
Tucker: Oh, my God! You lost them?!
Bonnie: (Scoffs) No! They're right here. How irresponsible do you think I am? I just, um, may or may not have mailed them in on time and now Ben may or may not have sole custody of Emma... Closer to may not.
Tucker: Ben doesn't have sole custody?! What is wrong with you, woman?!
Bonnie: I don't know! There was all the excitement around the new baby and, you know, plus, I didn't have any stamps! Look, okay, we just need to get Angela to resign this document and we'll be fine.
Tucker: Oh, my God. Ben is going to freak. Wait. What do you mean by "we"?
Bonnie: I thought since you're his best friend and you're the only one who's actually seen her.
Tucker: Seen her?! Ben pointed her out across a crowded room and said, "can you believe I talked her into coming home with me?"
Bonnie: Tucker, you have to help me, okay? You're really my only hope. Please...?
Tucker: Well, I can see you're desperate... Which I enjoy, so I'm in.

Bonnie: You are so good. I can't believe you already found her.
Tucker: Well, when you're as connected as I am, it's easy. Plus, I found her number in Ben's phone.
Bonnie: Okay, so she doesn't suspect anything?
Tucker: Oh, no way. She's an actress. She thinks she's coming to meet a producer about a part in a new movie.
Bonnie: Oh, that's good. That's good. Okay, so what should I be? The writer, director? Co-star? "I'd like to thank the academy."
Tucker: Maybe on our next movie. But for now You're my assistant.
Bonnie: I'm oddly attracted to you...
Tucker: (Angela comes into the bar) Oh, there she is. kay, whatever you do, just be cool and let me do the talking.
Angela: Hi, Mr. Spielberg?
Tucker: (Chuckles and speaks in a British accent) You can call me Tyrell.
Bonnie: (Whispering to Tucker) Really? Tyrell Spielberg?
Tucker: And this is my assistant Bonnie.
Bonnie: Hi, hi, have a seat.
Tucker: I just want you to know that we are huge fans.
Angela: Oh, thank you. That is so nice to hear. Especially since I've really only done a few soaps and that birth control commercial.
Bonnie: (Gulps drink and coughs) I'm sorry. Little irony just went down the wrong way.

Group: (Some of Rileys friends are in the house and shouts when Ben comes in) Surprise!
Ben: Not yet. Has anyone heard from Riley? I kinda lost her.
Danny: What do you mean you lost her? We had a plan.
Ben: It's a long story.
Bonnie: (Comes in with Tucker) Okay, sorry, we're late.
Group: Surprise!
Bonnie: Aww. (To Tucker) See, I told you people think Riley and I are sisters.
Tucker: Did we beat the birthday girl? Damn.(To Bonnie) Hey, you wanna come back in like an hour? I like to make an entrance.
Bonnie: (To Ben) Found those papers you needed. See? Right here. All signed. Just like they were suppo...(elbowed by Tucker) Were. Always had been.

Group: Surprise! (To Ben who came back in)
Ben: Okay, seriously, people, give it a rest.
Riley: (Comes in) Ben Wheeler! You are a dead man.
Ben: Riley, you're okay!
Riley: No no no, I'm not okay.

By the time I finally realized that you ditched me, I was in the Bronx.

The Bronx, Ben. I had to beg people for money who were already begging people for money. Look, I have no idea what your whole plan was, but this is officially the worst birthday ever!
Ben: Okay, now would actually be a good time.
Group: Surprise!
Riley: What is going on?
Ben: This is your surprise party. Look, Riley, I'm so so sorry. This wasn't the plan. Central park, a carriage ride. Rowboat on the lake and then the party you always wanted. That was the plan.
Riley: Well... That I might have liked. Look, I'm sorry, but I just can't do this. (About to leave)
Ben: I'm not done.
Riley: (Turns back) Oh, really? What else do you have planned?
Ben: This may be the dumbest thing I've ever done. (Kisses Riley)
Riley: Okay. Officially The best birthday ever.