“Something Borrowed, Something Ben”
Season 1, Episode 10
Air Date

August 29, 2012


Dan Berendsen & Nancy Cohen


Michael Lembeck

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A Wheeler Christmas Outing


I'm Not That Guy

"Something Borrowed, Something Ben" is the tenth episode and finale of the first season of Baby Daddy.


Riley is planning a wedding for her friend, Katie (Melissa Tang), and gets everybody involved. Danny and Tucker ruin the wedding cake and they try to fix it. After a night of partying before the wedding, Ben and Katie awaken to find themselves in bed together. Katie feels extremely guilty and tries to call off the wedding before Ben gives her a speech about true love, something that touches Riley. It turns out that Gene, a jerk from their high school days, was playing a prank on them and Ben & Katie never actually did anything. After the wedding, Ben asks Riley for a dance, while a jealous Danny looks on.


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  • This episode is a turning point for Ben as the dance with Riley made him have feelings for her as revealed in "I'm Not That Guy".

Memorable Quotes

Riley: I can't believe this day is finally here. We are walking down the aisle in less than 24 hours.
Bonnie: Which gives you less than 23 hours to remember you're not the bride.
Riley: I know, but Katie picked me to be her maid of honor for a reason.
Bonnie: I figured it was because she didn't have any other friends.
Riley: No. Well, not a lot, but she knew I would get the job done.
Ben: And you are doing such an awesome job shoving hundreds of almonds into little girly bags. Oh, wait. These are my hands.
Tucker: Hey, I love a wedding, okay. There's just something so emotional.
Riley: Oh.
Tucker: When the ladies start throwing themselves at me.

Katie: Don't you get it? I have never lied to Dave before, ever. If I can lie this easily to my future husband, then maybe you and Gene were right. Maybe I'm not ready to get married.
Riley: Okay, first lesson. Never listen to Ben and Gene.
Ben: Katie, you have to marry Dave.
Riley: Sometimes Ben's okay.
Katie: And why should I? So you can stop feeling guilty?
Ben: No. Because you're truly meant to be together. You love him and he loves you. You have since the moment you set eyes on each other. I was just being a jerk because I'm jealous.
Katie: Of me and Dave?
Ben: Who isn't? You have what everybody wants. A true love, a soul mate, a best friend, all rolled into one. The rest of us are just running around like idiots hoping for even half of what you have. I just wish that One day, I'll look up at a girl and just Know.
Riley: (To Ben) Say yes. (Snaps back to reality and says to Katie) You have to say yes.