“I See Crazy People”
Season 4, Episode 4
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Air Date

January 21, 2015


Dan Berendsen & Heidi Clements


Michael Lembeck

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Mugging for the Camera

"I See Crazy People" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Baby Daddy.


While trying to convince Riley that they are soulmates, Ben realizes he knows none of her favorite things. Bonnie resists Tucker's efforts to get her to move out and Danny continues to pretend to be in Paris


After Georgie breaks up with him, Danny lives with Brad, to continue the guise that he is in Paris with Georgie. Brad wants Danny out of his apartment, so he sneaks into Ben and Tucker's house to get a list of Danny's teammates who he could possibly stay with. While there he runs in to Bonnie, who has decided to move into Danny's empty room. Tucker decides to use Brad to get Bonnie out of their apartment, while Bonnie wants to know why Brad showed up in her room.

Meanwhile, Riley feels that her and Ben are not compatible enough to be a couple, to prove otherwise, so they see a psychic who has set up shop at the bar. When the card reader says they are incompatable Riley freaks out. After getting advice from Tucker and Danny, Ben plans a romantic dinner, but accidentally orders something Riley is allergic too, leading to her swollen face, and him with a broken rib. They later go to see the Princess Bride, her favorite movie, but Ben falls asleep. Danny is in the back of the theater crying, saying it is his favorite movie. Riley sees him, and knows he was never in Paris.

The card reader tells Bonnie her new surroundings are bad for her. Tucker is seen tipping her after Bonnie runs off.


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