“Guys, Interrupted”
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date

July 18, 2012


Nancy Cohen


Michael Lembeck

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The Nurse and the Curse


Married to the Job

"Guys, Interrupted" is the fourth episode of the first season of Baby Daddy.


Bonnie's presence at the boys' apartment disrupts their routine.


The guys appreciate all of Bonnie's help, but she is starting to become a little too overwhelming for them - showing up unexpected at their apartment at all hours. Ben looks forward to his time with Emma when he's not working, but with Bonnie always jumping in to take care of her, he's starting to miss his daddy time. Meanwhile, Riley has a new study buddy, Jack (David Cade), who Danny seems jealous of, but Ben encourages her to date him.

The guys try to hide from Bonnie by heading over to Riley's house, which ends up sabotaging her date and leaving Tucker alone with Bonnie in the apartment. Tucker gets closer with Bonnie after she helped him break up with Vanessa, Riley comes to sell the brothers out and Bonnie goes there to get them back to the apartment, with Riley having an interrupted date again not knowing Tucker was still there.

In the end, Ben talks to her mother about it saying he needs help, not a replacment. Bonnie, now realizing her actions, gives back the apartment key but Ben knows she already made a copy.


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  • Tucker mentioned again that the apartment Ben, Danny and Tucker are staying in is his and has a lot of complaints for Danny.
  • Tucker knows that Danny likes Riley.
  • Tucker breaks up with Vanessa, his off-screen girlfriend.

Memorable Quotes

Danny: Mom also baby-proofed all the cabinets. I'm telling you, bad idea.
Ben: But we need her to watch Emma, so we're gonna have to make some adjustments.
Bonnie: (Barges in) Good morning.
Tucker: (Only in his underwear) Oh, like remembering to wear pants. (And wraps a towel)
Bonnie: So how did my baby sleep?
Danny: Pretty good.
Bonnie: I meant Emma.
Tucker: How did she get in here?
Bonnie: Oh, thanks for the key, honey. It's gonna make this so much easier.
Tucker and Danny: You gave her a key?
Ben: She gave me life. ..But yeah, I probably shouldn't have done that.

Bonnie: And today it is ballerina tutu day. Oh, this just reminds me of how badly I wanted a little girl. Mm. I swear, I must have cried for two days after I saw your penis on the ultrasound.
Tucker: (To Ben) Really has no boundaries.
Bonnie: Granted, you really had to look for it, but once I found it, you know.

Riley: What's going on? Is everything okay?
Ben: No. Mom showed up again. She's got to learn that she can't just barge in unannounced and ruin our evening.
Riley: Oh. So you're teaching her a lesson by barging in unannounced and ruining my evening.
Ben: Exactly. No, I mean It's not like you had any plans, right?
Danny: Hey, what's with the wine? And the candles? And the cleavage?
Jack: Oh, hey. Jack. Jack Parker. I go to school with...
Danny: ...and the man in your bathroom?

Tucker: Finger tracks in the peanut butter. Toenails on the floor. Two words - Hairy soap.
Danny: Okay! Can we be done?
Tucker: Oh yeah, sure. We can be done, if you want to start talking about Riley.
Danny: ...Continue.
Tucker: Exactly. Okay. Using towels as bathmats, using bathmats as towels, taking any of my shampoos, conditioners, ointments, lotions, powders or pomades. Okay? Muddy shoes, sweaty gym bags, and never having your own gum.
Danny: Is that it?
Tucker: What do you think? No.