“Emma's First Christmas”
Season 2, Episode 15
Air Date

September 4, 2013


Ben Montanio & Vince Cheung


Michael Lembeck

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"Emma's First Christmas" is the sixteenth episode and finale of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben is on a mission to find the most popular toy for Emma's first Christmas, but all the stores are sold out.


It's Emma's first Christmas and Ben wants to get her a Giggorilla - A stuffed gorilla that makes monkey screeches when you shake it. Bonnie and Ben lets Emma meet Santa and takes a picture with him while Danny calls Bonnie saying he lost the ham and Ben shouts at someone asking where he got the Giggorilla, the picture was taken then.

While Bonnie, Riley and Tucker(who was convinced by Riley to stay because Bonnie is good at Christmas decorations) decorates the house for a "Perfect Christmas" Ben and Danny goes Christmas shopping because Ben wants a Giggorilla and Danny doesn't want to shop at the last minute at Christmas Eve tomorrow. Meanwhile Edwin(Leslie Jordan), an old mall elf tells them that they can have a Giggorilla in exchange for being elves for the night which they accept. At home, Bonnie is strict about the Christmas decorations and Riley convinces Tucker that she is the best at Christmas and after seeing the socks Bonnie made for them Tucker decides to stick around and help.

Ben and Danny comes home excited after getting a Giggorilla only to find a rock inside the box. They went back to confront Edwin and sees a Giggorilla in the truck, but when they got in to get it Edwin locks them inside. Ben and Danny now stuck in a bus depot in Pennsylvania and with no buses because there was a blizzard, sees the Santa Ben met and, as many people are there waiting, they perform in the bus depot, with a depressed Ben saying he cannot spend Christmas with Emma. Meanwhile at home, Edwin arrives to tell the bad news about the boys and Bonnie stops trying to get a "Perfect Christmas". That's when Riley snapped and sets her straight. Edwin steals their ham and leaves without them knowing.

Ben, now understanding the Christmas Spirit, decides to give the Giggorilla to a little girl who also can't make it home for Christmas. He and Danny are surprised that Bonnie, Emma, Riley and Tucker comes in saying that the road was clear. They all perform in the bus depot while Santa and Edwin looks outside saying they did a good job setting the Wheelers straight and Edwin saying that he got a ham for dinner.


Main Cast


  • Emma celebrates he first Christmas

Memorable Quotes

Bonnie: (Setting Christmas lights at the fire escape) All right. I think that's everything. (Tucker and Riley wears sunglasses) Spark it up!
Tucker: Fire in the hole! (Turns on the Christmas lights)
Bonnie: Ahhhh! It's glorious! Uh! Hoo! (Comes insidethe house) Whoo! Huh? Oh, huh? Ahh... Oh, it isn't Christmas unless I burn my retinas.
Tucker: Yeah, it looks amazing. I will be sleeping with my fire extinguisher.

Tucker: (Holding the turkey to make it stand and hides behind the kitchen with his head behind it, speaking in a weird voice) Riley Perrin... Riley Perrin I'm the ghost of turkeys past. Ignore the fact that I am naked. And stop staring at my giblets. (Laughs) Riley, you were right. This is the most fun Christmas I've ever had.
Bonnie: (Comes in) Don we now our gay appar..(Notices the Christmas tree) What the hell is that?!
Riley: It's our tree. Don't you love it?
Bonnie: Oh. Well, I would love it if I had asked you to go out and buy a giant toilet brush. Come on, people! You signed on for the perfect Christmas. Is there anything about that tree that says "Perfect Christmas"?
Tucker: But this little guy needed a real home. I mean, we are kindred spirits. This tree is me.
Bonnie: That's sweet, Tuck. Maybe Santa will bring you a wood chipper.

Edwin: (Selling a Giggorilla) Thank you for your business. Merry Christmas. (Singing) Deck the halls with wads of money Fa La La La La La...(Ben and Danny show up) Uh-oh.
Ben: I think you've got some explaining to do.
Edwin: I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't put that rock in there.
Danny: You're a disgrace to the tights.