Danny-Riley Relationship :)

Intimacy Level

Married, best friends

Relationship Started

First time: It's a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding // Second time: The Love Seat

Relationship Ended

First time:Homecoming and Going // currently dating

Relationship Status


This is the platonic and romantic relationship of between Danny Wheeler & Riley Perrin.

Friendship History

- They grew up as neighbors and were best friends growing up

-They have maintained that level of friendship throughout their adult lives


  • Both currently have feelings for each other, but they keep dating other people so they don't jeopardize their friendship.
  • Riley and Danny played on the same hockey team in high school.
  • Riley did not reciprocate Danny's feelings for her until "An Officer and a Gentle Ben," when she realizes her feelings after getting jealous about Robyn and Danny getting along so very well. Upon realizing this, she proceeds to break things off with Ben.
  • Riley and Danny are very supportive of each other, often pushing each other to pursue things for their happiness instead of their own.
  • According to Danny, Riley starts acting "weird" around Danny whenever he has a girlfriend and sometimes tries to interfere with his love life; this includes Milena, Amy, Georgie, Robyn, and Ashley.
  • Danny's feelings for Riley have been hinted at many times throughout the series and soon enough, almost all of the main characters notice this; the only one who seems to be oblivious to his feelings now is Ben.
  • In the season 5 finale, it is revealed that Riley is pregnant with Danny's child
  • At the end of season 6, episode 8, they get married.
  • Riley gives birth to their son in season 6, episode 11