“Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure”
Season 2, Episode 6
Air Date

June 26, 2013


Heidi Clements


Michael Lembeck

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"Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure" is the sixth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben tries to find a daycare for Emma.


Ben pretends that he and Tucker are a gay couple to have Emma admitted quicker in a local daycare and tries to date Megan (Grace Phipps), the assistant manager of the daycare. Riley is trying to celebrate a holiday made by Danny during high school called Half-O-Ween where they dress up as Super Danny and Riley Girl, problem is Amy is changing him and she begins to express her jealous feelings of Danny and Amy's relationship. Bonnie begins going to beauty school but is very bad at it.

While Ben was trying to work out his lie to Megan, Tucker eventually blurted out that him and Ben are not a couple not to mention gay and Megan asks Ben to take Emma and leave. Meanwhile, when Amy heard Riley saying that she's uptight and that she doesn't know Danny at all. Once Danny found out he rushes to her office and even breaks down the door when she screamed only to see Bonnie doing her hair wrong. They all reconciled and ended up celebrating Half-O-Ween with everyone, that is when Megan comes to return Ben's diaper bag. Ben apologises to Megan and they agree to start over.


Main Cast


  • Emma gets into a daycare.

Memorable Quotes

Riley: (Showing Amy their pictures) And this is the first known sighting of Super Danny and his adorable, if not slightly husky, sidekick Riley Girl.
Amy: That is so cute. Did you guys always go out trick-or-treating together?
Ben: Sadly that picture's not from Halloween. They just liked to dress up.
Amy: Well, I tell all of my patients that fantasy play is very healthy for children.
Ben: They still do it.
Amy: Oh. That's just creepy.

Riley: Hey, Mrs. Wheeler. Is Danny here?
Bonnie: Yeah, he's in the shower. and I can't find my lucky comb. I won't tell you what I have found, otherwise you will never sit here again.
Riley: Well, it's official. I don't get men.
Bonnie: And I get a lot of them. What do you need?
Riley: I was talking about Danny. He's totally letting Amy change him, which is weird because he's the one that called her uptight in the first place.
Amy: (Comes out) Danny called me uptight?
Bonnie: Oh, by the way, Amy's here. You know what? I'll just buy another comb. Bye-bye.

Tucker: Oh my God. Is it really you? Is it really Riley Girl here on my fire escape?
Riley: In the flesh.
Tucker: So where's your trusty sidekick?
Riley: He stood me up. Apparently he has a new partner-in-crime and her name is Dr. Snooty-No-Fun.
Tucker: Hey, well, don't get your tights all in a bunch. I'll step in. Ooh, what about a pirate? Ladies love Tucker in an eye patch. He always gets the booty. Okay.
Riley: It's, uh, it's kind of a superhero thing, so.
Tucker: Oh, perfect. Because the ladies also love Tucker in rain boots and a tablecloth. (plays with Riley's cape)
Riley: I really appreciate it, but, uh, I'm good. I just wish he would have let me know before I bought a new utility belt. I mean, it has a web shooter.
Tucker: That's really cool. (Riley sprays web on Tucker)
Riley: I know.
Tucker: Hey, don't... (Riley keeps spraying)