Full Name







Emma Wheeler (Daughter)


Ben Wheeler (Ex-Fling/Baby Daddy)

First Episode

Pilot (mentioned only)
Surprise! (actual)

Portrayed By

Mimi Gianopulos

Angela is the mother of Emma. When her daughter was 3 months old, she abandoned her on Ben's doorstep. In Surprise! She's an actress.


Angela and Ben had a One Night Stand. Soon after that, Angela found out that she was pregnant with Ben's child and decided to raise the child on her own. 3 months after giving birth however, she abandoned her infant daughter in front of Ben's apartment door.

She shows up in the season 2 finale wanting to spend time with her daughter and possibly explore restarting her relationship with Ben. Early in season 3, it is known that Angela puts a job on hold in LA to see how her and Ben can work together as a family. In season 3 opener, she mistakes the message for Riley to come to a hotel room for her and she arrives first.  Ben drops his robe in front of Angela and Riley comes in soonafter.. After that night, Angela continues to hit on Ben.  Later in the apartment, Riley and Ben kiss, but Riley watched Angela and Ben share a moment. Soon after Ben and Riley end their relationship, Angela accepts the job in LA.

She returns in the season 5 episode The Return of the Mommy, where she asks to see Emma, only for Ben to immediately refuse her. She manages to convince Riley to talk Ben into letting her spend one afternoon with Emma in exchange for Angela's help getting Emma into a good preschool. However, Riley discovers that the only reason Angela wanted to see Emma was to use her in an interview where she claimed to be a single mother to improve her public image. Riley tries to expose her to Mary Hart, but when Ben finds out, he covers for her to protect Emma from having to read about her mother in the tabloids. After that, Angela apologizes and promises to get Emma into her old preschool, but Ben declines, saying he would rather homeschool Emma in a bar than send her any place that produced Angela. After this, Angela leaves.