“All Riled Up”
Season 2, Episode 13
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Air Date

August 21, 2013


Kirill Baru & Eric Zimmerman


Michael Lembeck

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The Christening


The Emma Dilemma

"All Riled Up" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben starts to wonder if he and Riley would make a good couple.


Ben finds out he's not over Riley, so Ben feels its finally time to express his romantic feelings for her and so he takes her on a "pretend date". However, the "pretend date" leads to an actual date with Ben giving mixed messages about wanting to set up Riley with the perfect guy, when he really meant himself. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tucker audition together as the mascots for the New York Rangers, much to Danny's chagrin who tries to stop it.

Ben then sets Riley up with Kevin, the beer delivery who frequents the bar, for a very complicated plan - Ben gives Kevin information on what Riley likes so that she will go out with him only for him to ditch her so that he can be the better man for her. However, Kevin actually takes Riley back to his house, sabotaging Ben's plans. Ben eventually gets on TV writing a sign that Kevin's a liar with Riley watching Danny's game at Kevin's place and seeing the sign and leaves.

Riley thanks Ben for saving her but Ben is dissapointed about Riley not seeing another sign saying he's the perfect guy for her. Ben says that Riley deserves someone better, with Riley saying to herself "And maybe one day you'll realize that it's you." In the end, Danny wishes he's traded because Bonnie and Tucker - along with random mascot auditioners passed as a group mascot.


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  • This is the second episode that Ben tries to impress Riley to like him, which the first one the season two premiere.  Riley states that Ben is the one for her.
  • The names of the Rangeroos Kanga and Roo are the names of a kangaroo family in Winnie the Pooh with the mother name Kanga and the son name Roo.

Memorable Quotes

Bonnie: Oh. Danny. Perfect. You are just the man we were looking for. We need some advice.
Danny: Why not? Apparently, it's what I do.
Tucker: Okay. So what do you think about this? You know how the Rangers are one of the only pro hockey teams without a mascot?
Danny: Uh-huh.
Bonnie: And how they're having a contest to finally pick one?
Danny: ...Uh-huh.
Tucker: ...We're entering!
Danny: Uh...huh.
Bonnie: We decided on kangaroos (Tucker saysYeah) But we're calling ourselves (Tucker says Wait) The RangeRoos.
Tucker: ...That part was my idea, so.
Bonnie: Yeah.
Danny: This part is my idea: No! You cannot be my team's mascot.
Bonnie: Look, Danny, it's just a one-time thing. And besides, it's the only way I'm gonna get to watch you play since I've been banned from the next three home games... You steal one zamboni. (Tucker comforts)
Tucker: Look, and I'll finally be vindicated. I tried out to be my high school mascot five times! Go salamanders! (Does what looks like splits) Ow!
Bonnie: Oh, God!
Tucker: Oh, my God!
Bonnie: Oh God! Are you okay?
Tucker: Ow! I should have stretched.
Bonnie: You should have stretched.
Tucker: Oh, my God.
Bonnie: Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. (Holds his leg)
Tucker: Stretch me out.
Bonnie: Stretch it, stretch it. (Stretches his leg) Stretch!
Tucker: OW! Oh, my God!
Bonnie: Look, Danny. I promise: We won't do anything to embarrass you.

Ben: Okay! Big news, people. I just scored four tickets to the Junkyard Bunnies concert tonight, and I'm inviting you, you and you. (Sees Tucker in his kangaroo suit) If you promise not to wear that. W-why are you wearing that?
Danny: I believe it involves a plot to destroy my life.
Ben: Hey, mom, can you, uh...
Bonnie: Stay home alone with a sleeping baby while you guys go to a concert and get drunk?
Ben: Thanks, mom, you're the best.
Bonnie: Come here, little Emma. You can sit in grandma's pouch and I'll tell you the story about the time I dated a short Australian. (In Australian accent) He was A shrimp on the Bonnie. (Leaves)
Riley: Ben, how did you ever get tickets to the junkyard bunnies? They're like the hottest band in the city.
Ben: Well, I'll tell you what I didn't do: Call all the radio stations and lie about only having three months left to live. No, I did not!
Riley: Oh, my God. I'm so so so excited! Okay, um, I'm gonna go home and change. I'll see you guys in an hour?
Ben: Perfect. (Riley leaves)
Tucker: Is it weird if I wear my Roo suit? You know, I need to get comfortable in it enough, so that I don't even notice it's on.
Ben: Not so fast, my furry little friend. I really only got two tickets. I'm taking Riley. You two just remembered that you have plans that you can't get out of.
Danny: What? How do you know I can't get out of them?! I should at least try, right?
Ben: Danny! I'm trying to test the waters with Riley.
Tucker: Riley? I thought you were over that.
Danny: Apparently, she gave him a look.
Ben: Don't forget about the scooch.
Tucker: Oh, a look and a scooch? Oh, shoo, man, you better just go for it then.
Ben: Thank you. I really just need tonight to seem casual and spontaneous. I'm thinking after the concert we go for a little romantic walk in the park. Maybe get ourselves caught in a little downpour, huddle under my coat, until we finally end up at the bar for a nightcap. And then as she looks up at me, I smile at her and we share our first, sweet kiss.
Tucker: And you think this outfit's embarrassing?

Tucker: Excuse me. I'm performing later, so Excuse me. Hey, Ben.
Ben: What are you doing? And again, why are you wearing that?
Tucker: Oh, well, it would be a shame if both of us missed out on this amazing opportunity, so.
Bonnie: (Comes from the other side) Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Oh, pardon me. Oh, there we go. Okay, sorry. Yeah, you're welcome. Tucker?!
Tucker: Mrs. Wheeler.
Bonnie: I thought you were going out with Vanessa.
Tucker: And I thought you said you were babysitting.
Ben: Yeah, she did. Where is my baby? And do not tell me she's in that pouch. (Points kangaroo pouch)
Bonnie: No, that's just my purse and a hot dog. I got a sitter.

Danny: (In the penalty box) Dude, what is the matter with you?! You let Riley go home with a total stranger. You've gotta do something.
Ben: Not a total stranger.
Danny: Then call him!
Ben: I don't have his number.
Danny: Well, go to his house.
Ben: I'm not exactly sure where he lives.
Danny: Well, track him down! What's his last name?
Ben: Oh, my God. He's a total stranger.
Danny: (Punches penalty box wall) Ben! (Referee whistles) What?! Are you kidding?
Ben: Wow! I've never seen anyone get a penalty when they were already in the penalty box.

Ben: Riley, hi. Everything okay?
Riley: Yeah. Saw you on TV tonight.
Ben: You did?
Riley: It really could not have been more perfect.
Ben: It couldn't?
Riley: I don't know what I would do without you.
Ben: You don't?
Riley: Yeah. But I think from now on, I'm gonna pick my own guys.
Ben: Wait, what?
Riley: Ben, you set me up with a pathological liar. But you do get points for saving me with that sign.
Ben: Yeah. That sign. Did you see any other signs?
Riley: No, was there something else?
Ben: Nothing important.
Riley: Well I guess the search for the perfect guy is still on.
Ben: I guess it is.
Riley: Yeah. I guess it is.
Ben: (Phone rings) One second. Oh, it's my mom. I have to go bail her out of hockey jail. Hey, but just know You deserve someone great.
Riley: Thanks. (Ben leaves) And maybe one day you'll realize that it's you.