“A Wheeler Christmas Outing”
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date

August 22, 2012


Lester Lewis


Michael Lembeck

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"A Wheeler Christmas Outing" is the ninth episode of the first season of Baby Daddy.


Ben tries to bring everyone together for Emma's first Christmas photo.


Danny and Ben's father Ray (Greg Grunberg) shows up and Ben tries to get him and Bonnie back together. Ray reveals to Ben that he's gay and living with a guy named Steve; when Danny arrives in the bar he thinks that Ben is gay. Meanwhile Riley and Tucker are driving back with a car full of boxes, when Tucker comes upon Danny's journal and reveals he likes Riley but in a secret code naming her "Girl-X".

When they were having the family photo, everyone blabs and Ray tells the truth saying that he's gay, which lead to Bonnie thinking their divorce was not her fault, and Riley still doesn't know she's "Girl-X", thinking it was another girl.  Danny writes his journal again and to be safe he starts calling her "Girl-Y'.


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  • Ben's father is Ray Wheeler but in I Told You So, Bonnie said her husband's name was Danny Sr. and has no eyebrows and only four fingers on his right hand.
  • Danny writes Riley as "Girl-X" in his journal but Riley still doesn't know it was her. He later changes it to "Girl-Y"
  • Tucker says he has watched 150 Christmas movies and never seen a black elf, yet there is a black elf in Fred Claus.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: Hey, Tuck. As the newest member of the Wheeler clan, any way I can talk you into taking my mom's car out to Jersey tomorrow to pick up the costumes?
Tucker: Oh, you know I don't really drive.
Riley: Oh, I do! I'll drive. Can I do it? I'm a new member too.
Bonnie: Well, why can't I go? What's going on?
Ben: Well, you know how it wouldn't be Christmas without Santa?
Danny: But Dad was always Santa! (While spitting snow cone ice at Tucker's face)
Ben: And his sleigh lands tomorrow morning.
Bonnie: Your father is coming to town?!
Ben: Merry Christmas!

Tucker: Seriously? Who has 14 boxes of Christmas costumes? Even Jesus would call this overkill.
Riley: Okay. Well, then make yourself useful and find us a good one. I wanna be something naughty and nice.
Tucker: Okay. We've got a.. a box full of random beards, some assorted angel paraphernalia. Oh! Halo! What's over here? Oh! And a box full of Danny's old schoolwork? So Riley When I said, "Hey, check the boxes," I kinda meant, "Hey, check the boxes!"
Riley: Sorry. I was too busy ignoring you.
Tucker: Oh, but wait! What do we have here? The journal of one Mr. Daniel J. Wheeler.
Riley: Oh my God! Aww, that was our senior class project. Should we read it? Is that like totally wrong?
Tucker: ...Oh, I'm sorry. What were you saying? I was reading.
Riley: Tucker, if you're gonna invade someone's privacy, at least have the decency to read it out loud.

Tucker: I think we might finally have something. Oh, there's a whole section about a secret crush. Looks like the big guy was in love.
Riley: Oh yeah...No. Trust me, if there's anything I know about Danny it's that he was never in love.
Tucker: Yeah, tell that to "Girl-X".
Riley: "Girl-X"? Who's Girl-X?
Tucker: Oh, I'm sensing that might be a code.
Riley: What?
Tucker: Yeah, I guess he checked her out every day at field hockey practice.
Riley: There is no way! I played field hockey. We made fun of every girl on that team.
Tucker: Wait. You were on the field hockey team?
Riley: Yeah. Okay, keep reading. We gotta figure this out.
Tucker: Oh no, that's it. The end. When I said section I just meant those two lines.

Danny: Wait. You read my journal? What's wrong with you?
Tucker: Stay with me, okay? Riley knows about Girl-X.
Danny: You broke my code?
Tucker: No, I called up my three-year-old nephew and he broke it. But Riley has not, okay? So you've got yourself two options: One, finally man up and admit that you've been in love with her after all these years. Or, you can...(Danny hides under the couch) or you can just hide. Where did you g...(Danny holds Tucker's chest and pulls him down) Oh!